Detailed price and discount analysis for

Detailed price and discount analysis for

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Today: Sunday, 18 June 2017

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Do you provide API access to the data shown on your website?

Do you provide API access to the data shown on your website? Are your data purchasable?

No, we do not provide special access (including via API) to any data shown on the pages of our website. We do not sell these data.

How many items can I track simultaneously?

We now allow each registered user to track 1111 items simultaneously. It means, you can track 1111 items at the same time. There is no limit for the total number of items you may track. We set this limit to prevent abuse of our service. Please let us know, if you need to simultaneously track more than 1111 items

About is your Internet shopping assistant.

It is probably an open secret that prices for goods are fluctuating constantly. This happens due to many factors, such as seasons, demand, competitor prices, etc. You obviously want to buy when the prices are at their lowest, don’t you? will help you here.

The project has several main features:
1. You can track prices in such online stores as;
2. Our users can see this tracking info in charts and texts;
3. You can get free automatic price drop alerts;
4. We have a feature of convenient search in multiple stores. Using it, you can visually assess the product range for a specific request, quickly navigate the prices for the same and similar products, and choose the best offer, thus saving your time and money.


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